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Especially formulated for you and your families health and well being; here at Vitamins and Shakes we pride ourselves in finding the best and most unique range of supplements, minerals, vitamins and nutrients to help promote and maintain a healthy and balanced Lifestyle. Not only do we offer traditional vitamins including multivitamins and joint supplements but we also offer highly specialised products such as Cal-Mag vitamins and 30 day detox and cleanse packs.

Our healthcare products are available for both you and your family to enable a balanced diet and healthy body; our products range from daily power vitamins and energy and metabolism vitamins to dietary supplement powder and electrolyte stamina power packs.

Through years of research from trusted and well esteemed American companies such as Trace Minerals, VitalbulkDr.Prices Vitamins has allowed us to bring to you a wide variety of products to suit your one and every need.

Detox – Our detox range provides an effective and safe method of detoxing and includes antioxidants and essential vitamins to help cleanse your body.

Electrolytes – Our electrolyte supplements are packed with nutrients to help prevent dehydration and increase stamina and vitality, regardless of the length or intensity of exercise. Our electrolyte products help support balance in the body and are an effective electrolyte replenishment that helps replenish fluids and salts lost during exercise.

Joint Health – Our joint health products offer effective supplements to help maintain joint health and integrity, easing joint pain and enabling improved mobility.

Vitamins – Our vitamin products include supplements for vitamin A, B1, C, D and E and also include Niacin, mineral, sleep and Cal-Mag vitamins – all that perform a variety of essential functions in the body.

Dietary Supplements – Our dietary supplements currently include Vital Shake dietary supplement powder which provides essential nutrients that detoxify the liver and intestines and enables the body to rebuild itself, this particular product has been shown to help weight loss, achieve sleep and increase energy.